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  • Velo training 

  • Private sessions

  • Group sessions

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  • Velo training 

  • Private sessions

  • Group sessions

  • Mentor sessions

  • Remote training

  • Camps & Clinics

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What you need to know.

Velo Training

In person, Ryan's velocity program gets real results. Over the winter, you will receive your weekly throwing schedule.

Private Sessions

Work with Ryan in a one-on-one private session. 30 minute or hour sessions are available, Fill out the form to learn how you can work with Ryan. 

Group Sessions

Group up with your friends and team mates. Ryan takes on groups of 2 to 8 of you and your buddies to get the best work in whether its velocity, mechanics, arm care. 

Mentorship Sessions

Access Ryan directly for anything you need at any stage of your life or career; Ryan has seen it all and has been a life changer for so many, whether it's Baseball related broadcasting or just trying to devise a plan to take on anything you aspire to become. 

Remote Sessions

Work with remotely with Ryan in his STEALTH Online training system and access him any time through the messenger. velocity, strength and power programs are available. Click here to learn more.

Camps & Clinics

Exciting new camp and clinic opportunities will be announced soon. Fill out the form so you don't miss the chance to work with Ryan at his one of a kind Camps and Clinics. 

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