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Team NxtGen

From our Big League Dreams tour to our College Recruits, the guys who wear the Neon Green across the chest are like family.
The mission is to provide the best platforms and change the trajectory of the Next Generation.


Representing the Neon Green

From our Big League Dreams tour to our College Showcase tour, the guys who wear the Neon green are like family. The mission was and is to create the best platforms and change the trajectory for the Next Generation. Since our inaugural 14U Big league Dreams tour back in 2016, we have placed numerous Australian players into College programs such as Stanford University, Oregon State, Gonzaga, Grand Canyon University, and more. As well as MLB organizations like the Seattle Mariners and the Texas Rangers. All of these guys are proud to represent Team NxtGen.

Outside of the Tours, NxtGen Baseball is building one of the biggest and most powerful college (and professional) recruiting hubs that have already proven to be the go-to place for the players and their families who are willing to raise the bar and shoot for the best College Opportunities. 

 Baseball Training NxtGen
Baseball Training NxtGen
Baseball Training NxtGen

The Big League Dreams Tour

The Big league Dreams tour is all about exposing what is possible to some of the best 13 and 14-year-olds and their families to what could be possible. The goal is for these young men to leave the tour with a completely different mindset and standard of themselves. Hosted by MLB players, the team spends 10 days playing elite competition, being on the field for MLB Batting practice, QnA sessions with MLB GM's, touring D1 College campuses and most importantly experiencing mentorship from coaches who have been where they want to get to. 

We plan to continue the Big league Dreams tour again in 2022 with a roster of talented NxtGenners from all around the world. 

Baseball Training NxtGen

The College Showcase Tour 

The number one mission for the College Showcase tour is to provide the absolute best platform for our athletes to perform and expose them to the best college programs in the US. Since 2017 we have brought a roster of sophomore, Juniors and seniors to the Arizona Fall Classic. As well as set up private showcases and other events to maximize their exposure. The preparation and and execution for this tour is a10 month process. Everything from the recruiting videos, the corresponsdance with the college recruiters and the negotiation is handled by Ryan and his team.

We do not 'hope' that a college recruiter shows up and might see our guys at a tournament, we have a system in place that makes sure our players are seen and that the offer is absolutely perfect for the next chapter in their career.  

 We have placed our guys into biggest D1 programs such as Stanford, Oregon State, Gonzaga as well as premier Junior Colleges like Central Arizona and Lower Columbia. We also have been pivotal in negotiating the second highest signing bonus to ever come out of Australia. 


Baseball Training NxtGen
Baseball Training NxtGen

Whats Next for Team NxtGen?

We are excited to relaunch both our Big League Dreams and Showcase tours in 2023, with many upgrades and bigger and better experiences and opportunities. 

We are also building our College Recruiting Portal for recruiters to access our players. As well as advising and creating the profiles for our Team NxtGen Athletes to prepare them for the biggest platforms.

If you would like more information about being a part of Team NxtGen and accessing the best advisors, the biggest platforms and creating your profile feel free to contact us below. 

Baseball Training NxtGen

Join Team NxtGen

Baseball Training NxtGen
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